The idea of starting UWEZO Youth Empowerment started in 2010 when the Founder Mr BAHATI Satir Omar was doing Social Entrepreneurship Course of 11 months at the International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs (IISE) which was changed to Kantharisituated in the South of India, Kerala State. visit
After getting back to Rwanda, he shared the idea with different people especially those in the Disability Movement and he gained the motive to take the idea further.
Fellow youth with disabilities and others without disabilities showed commitment of supporting the idea and activities were initiated.
Youth with different backgrounds who have experienced various challenges and life adversities are motivated to work for social cahnge through UWEZO initiated programmes.

UWEZO is coming into existence as the only cross disability youth organization in Rwanda that will be operating at the national level.
From the history of Persons with disabilities in Rwanda, there has not been any initiative aimed at advocating and raise awareness on the rights of youth with disabilities, in order to enable them live a life of a success and accomplishment.
Children and youth with disabilities are still abandoned by their families and they end up begging on streets, taxi parks, market places and other public areas hence loosing their self esteem.

Estimates suggest that there are between 180 to 220 million youth with disabilities worldwide and nearly 80% of them live in developing countries including Rwanda.

Disparities in education, employment, and relationships are more pronounced in youth with disabilities, and this has hindered them from enjoying the same equal human rights or equal access to goods and services as peers without disabilities.
In Rwanda, it is estimated that at least 42% of the population are aged between 15 and 35.

UWEZO Youth Empowerment Organisation is driven by ensuring equal and effective participation of
youth with disabilities and creating a platform where experiences are shared by both categories of youth (those with and without impairments).

There is a range of qualifications and potentials among children and youth with disabilities but due to the stigma around disabilities in general, they are not exploited.
Although attending to formal education is still a challenge despite the fact the Government of Rwanda working hard to promote inclusive education, accessing the employment to graduates is a puzzle.

Advocacy and Awareness raising, capacity building both economical and psychological, social integration through sports and culture are reinforced.

Please be our voice there you





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